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Comprehensive, Vertically Integrated Real Estate Services

Willow Bridge is one of the nation’s largest property management companies, thanks to our innovative approach, highly experienced team members and devotion to high-quality service and performance.

Our commitment to excellence sets the stage for our success. It’s evident in how we do business, through our client relationships as well as through the leading products and services Every day, we aim to create places that people – residents and team members alike – want to call home.

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Willow Bridge Today

  • One of the largest apartment managers in the country

  • 201,000 units under management

  • Presence in 75 markets across the country

  • 59+ years of experience developing, constructing, and managing all types of apartment communities

  • National purchasing power & procurement services

  • 200,000+ units developed

  • $3B in owned AUM

  • Certified as Service Organization Control (SOC)

National Reach: Office Locations

We can help fuel your success

Willow Bridge has 55+ years of experience in multifamily real estate. And it shows, as we have established an unparalleled stellar reputation for expertise, stability and trust as the longest standing multifamily firm in the industry.

Our formula is simple: we earned the industry’s best reputation by hiring, training and maintaining the industry’s best talent. This has enabled us to achieve a solid and successful track record in providing clients and business partners with the highest standards of quality and service – and unmatched results.

We are a company built for your success. Let us prove it to you.

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The Willow Bridge Advantage

We succeed when you succeed. And that is why we are organized and motivated to quickly adapt to the needs of all investors and markets through sound leadership, industry expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our 55 years of industry-leading experience in developing, constructing and managing all types of apartment communities across the nation allows Willow Bridge to draw from a wealth of knowledge. And that means we provide our clients and business partners with superior, unmatched service.

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Here is a brief summary of how a partnership with WIllow Bridge will yield advantages for your business:

  • Our Reputation

    Properties benefit from an additional source of qualified traffic when associated with Willow Bridge, driven by the widespread perception of quality and service among consumers. They know - from their own experience - that we create places they want to call home.

    With an unparalleled reputation, a solid track record of success, and by employing the industry's top talent, Willow Bridge provides our clients and business partners with the highest standards of quality and unmatched service. And they see it in their results.

  • National Leadership & Local Expertise

    Because of our widespread geographic reach, Willow Bridge provides consistent support on a national level, in addition to personalized service that is appropriate and relevant for each sub-market. Regional staff will assist with local marketing expertise, training and systems support, and maintenance supervision. Regional Property Managers and accounting personnel are also available to offer their expertise and insights whenever you need them. 

    National support will give you the presence and depth necessary to manage all aspects of property management. More presence means more purchasing power, and generous discounts for your communities.

  • Investment Sponsorships & Advisory Services

    WIllow Bridge stays involved through every phase of a real estate investment. From sourcing an acquisition or development opportunity to the eventual disposition, our senior management spearheads the work and continually advocates for our clients. Our acquisitions teams are led by the top leaders in our regional offices, which allows us to provide local knowledge and insights of specific local assets and issues, but delivered on a national scale. 

  • Service Organization Control Compliant

    Willow Bridge is certified as Service Organization Control (SOC) complaint (formerly SAS-70) on Multifamily Property Management Processes. Our key property management, accounting and IT processes are compliant in accordance with SOC requirements, ensuring your asset is managed effectively through Willow Bridge's standard business procedures. 

  • Talent Acquisitions

    Willow Bridge is known as the best place to work in the industry. And that has helped us attract top talent, year after year. Before being hired, each prospective employee is thoroughly screened, using professional personality assessments, aptitude assessments, and criminal and drug use screening. Our database of testing results, compiled over 30 years, gives us the confidence to predict employee success. As a result, our team is comprised of some of the most qualified and longest,tenured employees in the business – with our annual turnover rate less than 25%, which is below industry averages. 

  • Learning & Talent Development Platform

    With the most comprehensive training program in the industry, Willow Bridge employees remain ahead of the curve, always looking to grow. In an industry-specific “shopping” comparison, Willow Bridge has ranked in the top five spots 35 times since the inception of the report in 2000.

    Willow Bridge has one of the most comprehensive training programs in the industry. Initial and on-going training for all employees in all job categories keeps employees on the cutting edge and ready for promotion. The success of the Willow Bridge training focus is easily seen in a National Sales Performance comparison where Willow Bridge consistently leads the competition in overall scores.

  • Operational Compliance Reviews

    Our team can help ensure that our properties are performing at the highest standards. The team, armed with a thorough understanding of proper policies and procedures, conduct vigorous compliance reviews as well as training classes so that every property performs optimally. 

  • National Purchasing Power

    By partnering with Willow Bridge, your property will be able to take advantage of significant purchasing discounts negotiated by our company due to our total portfolio size.  

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability is important to us at Willow Bridge. We empower and train our teams to reduce environmental impact and enhance long-term profitability by minimizing resource waste and operational costs. From paperless leasing, to energy-efficient appliances and sustainably-focused building certifications - we continue to emphasize building and operating more sustainable communities.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    Willow Bridge is committed to workplace diversity, which is consistent with our core values of Integrity, Communication, Empowerment, Respect, Balance and Commitment. 

    Together, these values have established our foundation for being responsible to the needs of our employees, residents, clients and investment partners. They enable us to consistently build culture, create purpose, improve cohesion, and ensure that we are equitable and inclusive. It is the right thing to do and is imperative to our continued success and growth. With that commitment and focus, we have cultivated a culture in which every voice is heard, respected, and valued. Accordingly, we do not tolerate racism, prejudice or discrimination in the communities we manage and in our workplaces.

    To learn more about our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion, please visit our Careers page.


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Willow Bridge operates in 27 states and the District of Columbia and maintains regional management offices in key markets. We are ready to assist you.

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Our mission – to create places people want to call home – is relevant for our residents and for our employees, too. Willow Bridge is eager to provide all employees with opportunities for career growth.

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With Willow Bridge, the skyline is the limit. As one of the largest multifamily developers in the country, we also offer development and investment services to help your portfolio grow.

Property Management Services

As one of the nation’s largest property management companies, our experienced teams can help make your multifamily property a success. With local teams in over 75 markets, and over 180,000 multifamily assets under management, we have deep roots in the industry. Choosing Willow Bridge to manage your community comes with a wide array of benefits.

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The following are just a handful of services offered when you partner with Willow Bridge for property management.