Delivering an Elevated

Consumer Experience

Marketing That Leaves an Impression

In a world where consumers are constantly evolving and engagement and connections favor authentic messaging and branding, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of user trends and focus on what your consumers really want. With diverse integrated marketing campaigns, Willow Bridge has been able to connect with guests, residents and clients alike, helping to drive engagement, interest, and brand loyalty.

Multi Family Outlook 2023


  • Rental demand should rebound ahead of for-sale demand.
  • U.S. apartment occupancy remains high, but dips back to pre-COVID levels.

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2022 Lookbook

Welcome to the 2022 Lincoln Lookbook, an exciting showcase of Lincoln communities spread across the nation. From the Lowcountry of South Carolina to the lush woods of Redmond, Washington, each of these properties boast a unique flair that’s inspired by their surroundings.

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2022 Resident Experience

The resident experience is changing. From the initial apartment search to the renewal of another lease, the process of attracting, maintaining, and creating loyalty with potential renters is adapting with the times. In today’s market, proactive engagement, consistent interaction, and competitive value lay the foundation for resident retention. To make it count, attention to detail should be paid at every step of the journey.

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2021 Industry Insights

The year 2020 has shifted lifestyles and industries across the globe. In the world of multifamily, lifestyle and industry intersect, resulting in strong impacts on apartment communities. With changing resident values and new trends in renewals and leasing, the landscape of multifamily has a new look.

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Behind The Scenes

This is the year where we, the locals, tell youthe real story. What life's really like at one of our communities: fun events filled with local flavor.

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2018 Lookbook

Welcome to your second Lincoln Look Book, a creative collection of six Lincoln-managed communities showcased from across the nation. You'll find each community reflects the unique city flavor and distinctive culture.

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Rent Forecast 2017

At Lincoln Property Company, our years of expertise and experience allow us to create valuable resources for the multifamily industry and quality communities to fit renters’ unique lifestyles. 

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