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Apartments for Rent in Raleigh-Durham

The Raleigh-Durham region of North Carolina is nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian mountain chain. The Piedmont area boasts temperate weather, lush natural beauty, and a rich cultural heritage. Apartments for rent in Raleigh NC typically have beautiful views due to the region's rolling landscape. When looking for a home in Durham or Raleigh, renters have their choice of historic house or newly built complexes with all the modern amenities.

Also known as the Triangle, the Raleigh-Durham area is a trio of cities. Chapel Hill is smaller than its neighboring cities, but it houses some of the region's most elegant neighborhoods. Renters looking for apartments in Raleigh NC may also look in Chapel Hill or Durham; excellent regional transit options bring the far-flung communities of the three cities close.

Education in the Raleigh-Durham area includes some of the country's best colleges and universities. The wealth of schools in the region make locating a place to live in this area a challenge in early fall and just after the holidays when semesters begin, though apartments here usually fit into students' budgets. If possible, look for an apartment well before or after a new semester starts.

Large historic homes throughout the region are too sprawling for one family to maintain, so many have been divided into apartments in Raleigh NC. While an apartment for rent in Durham may have an abundance of southern charm, it could also feel a bit drafty in a chilly North Carolina winter. Finding a historic apartment for rent in this area means taking on the best and worst of older homes. Whether newly built or historical, look for robust heating systems to cope with the occasional spate of cold weather.

The Triangle's wealth of well-educated new graduates has contributed to a rise in the high-tech industry throughout the region. Students and scientists will find more than just an apartment. A newly converted warehouse apartment in Raleigh/Durham will command higher prices than an apartment in the suburbs. Although an apartment for rent here still represents a good value. Whether they choose any of these locations, there is a welcoming community and a beautiful city to call home.

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