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As a top multifamily manager in the United States, Willow Bridge brings a wealth of expertise, integrity, and innovation to the industry. With over 55 years of tenure, continual growth, and the success of our business partners and employees, Willow Bridge continues to be a leader in the multifamily vertical.


LPC named the June "Luxe Lords"!

Lincoln Property Company has built and operated superior, award winning residential communities throughout the United States for over 40 years. Lincoln's residential developments are known internationally for their attractive architecture, attention to detail, superior locations and more recently for their "Go Green" commitment. On the property management side, Lincoln instituted its own in-depth training program that has earned its personnel a well deserved reputation as some of the most efficient, effective, Professional managers in the multifamily residential segment. And, the results are tangible. Accolades are frequent and in some cases, come from residents who have been part of the Lincoln family for a decade or even two. Luxe List knows that today's discriminating luxury renter demands superior properties with the finest amenities and a level of management and service to match. That is why at Luxe List we welcome Lincoln's properties to be featured on our site and happily refer residents in search of environmentally friendly, high quality, Lincoln properties across the US. Jennifer Staciokas, VP of Marketing & Training for Lincoln Property Company recently said, "Thank you for being a fantastic luxury marketing partner. The quality of Luxe List and their respective luxury renters is simply first rate." Well, thank you, Jennifer. Lincoln Property Company is truly "a company for people, a company about people."

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