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3 Ways To Level Up Your Work-From-Home Game
3 Ways To Level Up Your Work-From-Home Game

Working from home has its perks — from its lack of a morning commute to being able to walk to the fridge for a lunch break. However, if you’ve been at it for a while you may be feeling stagnant from having the same routine every day. This means it may be time to update your daily work-from-home habits. Here are a few adjustments to consider.

Get Organized

If your bed has turned into your desk or if your workspace is covered with papers, it may be time to reorganize. One great addition to any desk area is a set of organizers. This expandable drawer organizer from the home edit will fit perfectly in a drawer and can hold pens, highlighters, and any other small supplies. This file sorter from poppin adds a splash of color and will keep your papers and folders nice and tidy. It might also be a good idea to splurge on a monitor and a keypad. Not only will this level up your technology, but you will spend less time hunched over your laptop and more time sitting upright and focused.

Upgrade Your Morning Drink

If you’re missing getting a daily latte on your commute to work, you can enjoy your morning treat again by making it yourself. Did you know you can whip up your own caramel macchiato with just a few ingredients? Simply combine milk and vanilla syrup into a glass with ice. You are then going to add two shots of espresso. Top with caramel syrup and whipped cream if desired and enjoy! For those who prefer chai tea in the morning, stock up on this concentrate and simply combine it with milk to enjoy.

Manage Stress

During a busy workday, it’s easy to slip into the habit of getting things done without checking in on yourself. Taking breaks helps to manage underlying anxiety in order to maintain peace of mind. Therefore, incorporate certain habits into your day. Consider listening to your favorite calming music during your lunch break. Or, after checking an item off your to-do list, relax with a yoga stretch. You can also add soothing elements to your environment while you work. Lighting candles, using essential oils, or playing jazz can make the work-from-home experience even more pleasant.

Are you looking for a new apartment where you can conquer your work-from-home day? Lincoln is ready to help! Reach out today and we would love to arrange a tour of one of our welcoming communities.

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